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Electrical tests

Periodic tests and inspections in electrical installations


Checking protection against direct touch

  • Checking the protective hulls
  • Check the integrity of the apparent insulation
  • Verify the integrity of the enclosures

Verification of protection against indirect touches

  • Verify separation of the neutral conductor (N) from the protective conductor (PE)
  • Check the absence of interruptions on PE and PEN conductors
  • Verify the continuity of the equipment connection to the protective conductor (PE)
  • Verification of grounding of PE bars
  • Check for fuses and check for short-circuit protection (fuses, automatic switches)
  • Verification of the protection of the defective (ground / ground) fault-free protection, including automatic protection against fault currents (differential)
  • Check the marking of protective conductors
  • Verify the existence of protective links to distribution boards, equipment and sockets
  • Verify the existence of additional protection measures
  • Verify that the connecting bolts are tightened on the protective conductor circuits and that they are secured against unscrewing
  • Check the connection of a single protective conductor to a screw
  • Verify the continuity of protection bindings from the equipment masses to the earth terminals
  • Verification of the ground dispersion resistance of the masses of electrical equipment
  • Checking the continuity of the equipotential bonding
  • Checking the corrosion of electrodes of artificial earth plugs

Verification of protection by additional insulation - Class II protection

Verification of protection by very low voltage supply - Class III protection

Verification of protection by separation - zero protection class

Testing of low and medium voltage electrical installations

  • Testing the continuity of the electrical circuits
  • Measurement of insulation resistance of electrical circuit circuits
  • Measurement of earthing resistance dispersion resistances
  • Test for TFJS (very low security voltage) or TFJP protection (very low protection voltage)
  • Measurement of resistance / impedance of floor and wall insulation
  • Protective test by automatic power cut
  • Testing for additional protection
  • Polarity test
  • Sequence sequence sequencing
  • Functional tests
  • Attempt to voltage drop
  • Enhanced voltage test

Equipment tested

  • Electric switches and circuit breakers
  • Electric contactors
  • Protective relays
  • Automatic fuses
  • Fuses
  • Capacitors for power factor improvement
  • Electrical distribution boards of 0,4 kV
  • Control-command installations
  • Earthing installations
  • Installations for protection against atmospheric overvoltages
  • Transformers for medium and low voltage
  • Medium and low voltage power transformers


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