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The company specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of electrical installations, automated processes and the provision of state-of-the-art solutions. We make industrial electrical installations for any industry typology, diversifying the offer based on the customer's production sector and its requirements.

Our objectives are to continuously improve the quality of our services, to meet the needs of our customers, people and the environment, to establish close cooperation with our suppliers and partners. We are qualified for designing and manufacturing industrial electrical systems for the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, wood and plastic industries. In both Iasi and the rest of the country, we offer our customers a complete follow-up system from design to commissioning.

The technical department, the mind and the heart of the company, coordinates the work with precision, guiding the client with comprehensive advice on preventing and solving problems through preliminary advice.
Constant training and multi-person experience in heterogeneous environments has enabled the company to develop a powerful "know-how" that materialized in providing and installing:

  • Overhead and underground power networks
  • Electrical and pneumatic automation
  • Electrical power and control systems
  • Lighting installations
  • Installations for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Fire Detection Installations
  • Access control systems

iDES Electric is also a system integrator for industrial automation. Through our electrical workshop specialists we can provide over 1200 hours a month for their assembly. iDES Electric supports industrial processes by offering solutions for designing and manufacturing electrical panels using top-of-the-line equipment.
The commissioning of electrical panels can be carried out by a mobile team of ANRE engineers and technicians.
Electrical panels and solutions are based on systems that comply with all European standards, guaranteeing operational reliability and reliability for customer applications. These are accompanied by the technical documentation for each component used in the manufacturing process as well as the certificate of conformity.
The manufacturing process is supported by ISO certified quality management.
Thanks to our experience, we offer design and consulting in the optimization of complex automation panels, using programmable controllers and frequency drive drives.
The professional equipments of the production workshop enable the development of Power Center switchboards up to 6300A, up to 690V single drive / DC bus and up to 3500kW unidirectional / bidirectional DC starting systems .


Electrical panels can be equipped with appliances from our strategic suppliers SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB, EATON, LEGRAND or appliance from other manufacturers as required by our customers.

Technical equipment

Measuring and Control Equipment

  • Energy and power Analyzer - Fluke 435
  • Insulation resistance tester 10kV - Fluke 1555
  • Insulation resistance tester 1kV - Sonel MIC 10
  • Multifunctional Tester for Installations - Fluke 1664 FC
  • FLUKE TiS50 thermal imaging camera
  • Amperometric Pliers 600A HT 4010
  • Multimeters
  • Digital Data Network Tester
  • Digital meter 100m

Office equipment

  • A3 color laser multifunction printers - Konica Minolta
  • Multifunction Color Laser Color Laser Printers - HP
  • Ultrabooks PRO Dell
  • Thermal Printer Specific Labels - Phoenix Contact
  • Portable Thermal Printer - Dymo
  • Plasticizing equipment
  • AutoCad Electric design software
  • EPlan design software
  • Computer calculations

Power Tools

  • Drilling and screwing machines with accumulators
  • Impulse screwdriving machines with accumulators
  • Percussion drills with accumulators
  • Vertical saw with battery
  • Hot air blowers
  • Breakers
  • Angle grinder 115mm, 125mm, 230mm
  • Generator Electric 3KVA
  • Air Electric Compressor
  • Groove Milling Bosch
  • Vacuum cleaner Karcher industrial
  • Blade grinder
  • Column Drilling Machine
  • Band saw for metals
  • MIG-MAG welding machine

Dedicated Tools

  • Copper / Aluminum 6-300mmp slipper press with battery
  • Copper / Aluminum Slipper Presses 6-300mmp Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic presses cut copper / aluminum cables 10-1500mmp
  • Pins / slipper / coin hand presses
  • Multi-directional hydraulic machine for copper bar processing

Mechanical tools

  • Hydraulic table punching kit
  • Abkant
  • Hand tools
  • Fixed, annular, tubular key rings
  • Torque wrench kits
  • Guillotine DIN rail


  • Working height platform mounted on the road
  • Miniexcavator
  • Trailer for cable drums (max 2400kg)
  • Material transport trailer (max 1500kg)
  • Hydraulic lifting cylinders (max 30T)
  • Transpalets with and without scale

Means of Transport

  • Car transport personally
  • Small van
  • Mixed truck 6 + 1 + cargo bin


  • Stairs of different sizes: 2,5 / 4/7/10 / 14m
  • Easy scaffolding with different heights: 4/10 / 14m
  • Complete work equipment at a height
  • Protective equipment
  • Water pump + water / liquid tanks 1mc
  • Chain saw (chainsaw)
  • Pressure Washer - Karcher


Certified for activities in low voltage electrical installations

ANRE type B certificate - design and execution of outdoor / indoor electrical installations for enclosures / civil and industrial buildings, aerial and underground connections to tension nominal value of 0.4 kV; includes the competencies of Bp, Be, Bi and A1 certificates.

Certified for electrical tests and measurements

ANRE type A1 certificate - tests of low voltage electrical equipment and installations.

Authorization for activities in fire detection installations

IGSU Authorization - Verification, maintenance and / or repair of systems and installations for signaling, alarming and alerting in case of fire

License for activities in alarm and surveillance installations

IGPR license - installation, modification or maintenance of burglar alarm systems and / or services regarding security systems

Quality Management System

ISO 9001: 2015 - The Quality Management System is a management system aimed at ensuring that the service / product delivered to the customer meets all its requirements. Practically, the Quality Management System is a way of guiding the customer-oriented organization, or rather directed towards compliance by the product / service provided with all customer requirements.

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System helps the organization to establish and implement an environmental policy and environmental objectives in accordance with the legal requirements applicable to the business carried out.

Operational Security Management System

ISO 18001 / Occupational Health and Safety Assessment (OHSAS) presents the requirements of a management system that allows an organization to control its health and safety risks and improve its managerial performance. OHSAS provides assistance for a variety of issues: minimizing risk for employees and others; Improving an existing OHSAS management system; demonstrating concern or increasing safety.

DUNS Certification

The DUNS (DATA UNIVERSAL NUMBERING SYSTEM) is a system developed by the American company Dun & Bradstreet Inc. (D & B), which provides commercial information about companies, to be verified by potential investors, customers, government structures, etc. The DUNS number is a unique, automatically generated 9-digit code that identifies a company, along with the available information, and its relationships with a "parent company", if any. Obtaining numbers is not mandatory, but there are situations where various companies or governmental structures (especially in the United States of America) require this number from a potential partner, the number being considered as a certification, an attestation of confidence the company holding the DUNS number is enjoying. The D-U-N-S is used by the most influential organizations in the world and is recognized and demanded by a large number of international industry and trade associations including the United Nations, the US Federal Government, the Australian Government and the European Commission.


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