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Tomesti Iasi, Romania


  • Electrical installations

    With a rich experience and a team of professionals in the field of electrical installations, we have the ability to perform a very diverse range of electrical installation works, both for residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Electrical tests

    Based on the existing equipment and the authorized personnel of ANRE and ISC, we can perform checks and tests of electrical installations, systems and equipment.
  • Fire detection systems

    iDES Electric holds all the necessary certifications for the installation and maintenance of the signaling, alarming and alerting systems in case of fire. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art equipment.

    An important component in integrated security systems, video surveillance allows real-time monitoring of persons or events at the level of the perimeter, paths and access areas.
  • Burglar detection and alarm systems

    The burglary system represents a set of devices that work in real time, with the role of protecting a certain space against unauthorized persons, acoustic and / or visual alarm but also the notification of a monitoring center.
  • Access control and Timing

    We offer access control systems for securing access in companies, institutions, industrial areas, strategic objectives and various punctual solutions, whether or not integrated with access control systems, to keep track of employees' working time.
  • Sound systems

    The company has extensive experience in the audio field, as well as creativity in customizing a wide range of audio projects.
  • Electrical equipment

    iDES ELECTRIC supports industrial processes by offering solutions for the design and manufacture of electrical panels.

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